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Nov 5, 2009

Blogger's new post editor

The google's new post editor looks like a tool bar which we usually see in MS Word software.The editor improved in aisthetics as well as in functionality. The new post editor looks as follows:

You can update your old blogger post editor as follows:

Step One From Dashboard and Go to Settings.

Step Two Change Select Post editor to Update Editor and save the changes.

Do/Undo You can do/undo any changes made while editing yopur post.
Strike Through You can add a strike through effect in any text.
Improved Insert Image Insert image option has been improved.
Quote You can write text in double quotes and will appear in double quotes.
Preview Now preview appears in a new window which is good for the bloggers.
Insert Jump Break Much awaited feature by bloggers from Google and finally Google paid attention and came up with this amazing feature. With this feature you can write short excerpt of the post and rest of the post will be hidden and can bee  seen when ser click the Read More>> Link. You can insert a jump brek where you want to add a read more link. If you want to change Read More link with something of your choice then you can do it as follows:

Step One Go to Layout>Click Edit in Blog Posts
Step Two Replace the Read More>> Text with that of your choice.
Step Three Click the Save Button to apply changes made by you.
Post Options Now you can show typed HTML as it is by checking the radio button in Compose settings. Earlier it was not possible to show typed HTML because XML parser considers it as HTML.

Personal View
First I like the Blogger post editor's  new look but the only problem i encountered is when i applied jump break's in a couple of post's(in my case 10).When I changed the no. of post on main page to 10 there was a complete mess up of my Main Page layout. the sidebar appearing was appearing at the end of 10th post and sidebar area was empty.
Second I wish Blogger Team will add a feature which will enable the bloggers to edit the image/picture inside the post edit window because we bloggers need to edit the images to write a good post. Also Insert Image option should allows us to align pictures  in any postion rather than providing a limted options(Left,Right,Center).

I hope Blogger Team will pay attention to the above mentioned flaws of the Blogger Post Editor.